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Unless you’ve been living under a rock (which, more power to you- that’s definitely a way to lessen your carbon footprint) you’ve probably heard about the global protests over climate change. In an incredible turn of events, over 2,000 “Peoples’ Climate Marche(s)” have taken place around the world. Tens of thousands of people have swarmed cities across Europe, Asia, Australia and the US, and they’re not done yet. The rallies in 161 countries are centered around a recent international push to curb carbon emissions and are geared towards encouraging the United Nations’ Environmental Council to change current carbon-related policies.

What’s so interesting about this movement to me is that it’s not just gone global; important leaders in every sphere of influence have also joined in the efforts. For example, actor Leonardo DiCaprio has been appointed as a UN representative on climate change and joined UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and countless other business leaders, celebrities, and environmentalists in Manhattan during the UN Councils and General Assembly sessions this week. The Climate Summit is the first gathering of 125 heads of state since the failed climate conference of 2009, which was held in Copenhagen.

The timing is perfect- climate change needs to be considered an “everybody” issue. In Australia, where 20,000 people turned out to the rally held in Melbourne, climate change has resulted in severe droughts, massive storms, bushfires and higher tides. Things don’t look like they’re going to be getting any better unless extreme measures are taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. And Australia is not alone. In previous articles, I have discussed the dramatic effects of greenhouse gasses in various places around the world.  You can see natural disasters being heavily debated on virtually any news outlet.

Even if you can’t join in an official march this fall, think of ways you and your peers can be a part of this movement of environmental consciousness. Organize a rally in your community, write letters to your congressman/congresswoman, use social media to make a difference. Even the smallest of actions can make a huge difference; and since we have no other planet to go live on, we all need to be trying our very best to make the most of this one.

What do you think about climate change and the impact of these rallies?

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