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There are plenty of reasons to switch out a car for a cargo bike. Just ask Liz Canning, the filmmaker of “Less Car More Go”, a documentary on the history and future of the cargo bike movement. But this isn’t just any documentary. This one has 100 co-directors. Yeah you read that right. 100 cargo-cyclists collaborated by taking videos of how cargo bikes changed their lives.

Here’s a quick sneak peek.

So what exactly are some of the great things about cargo bikes?

  1. They’re green! There’s nothing harmful to the environment about pedal power.
  2. They’re great for families. When a traditional bicycle just doesn’t cut it, cargo bikes are great for lending an extra hand.
  3. They create community. What better way to make friends and create memories with family than by giving them a ride behind your bike?
  4. Benefits. Cargo bikes come with a lot of benefits—you don’t necessarily need a car to get around anymore and that can make your community a safer place. And let’s not forget the workout you’ll be getting in everyday!

The past present and future of the cargo bike is looking bright!

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Check out more on the project’s Kickstarter page.

Source: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1887563980/less-car-more-go-the-cargo-bike-documentary


3 thoughts on “Less Car More Go

  1. One spring break we went on vacation to this town in Florida where no cars were allowed. We rode bikes everywhere. Not only did we not add to the air pollution we all got great exercise. Each bike had a basket or trunk thing so I totally get why this is an important environmental choice. I just wish more areas would make sidewalks so riding bikes can not be so dangerous.

    • That sounds like a town we’d like to visit! And we agree that more towns should add paths and bike lanes to make cycling safer. Our hometown of Atlanta is particularly hard to bike in. One of the best ways to stand up for changes like those is to ride your bike regularly, and get a bunch of people to do it with you. Policy follows the public!

  2. Cargo bikes are amazing things!! My uncle lives in New York, and he has a full on business using his bike. His whole company has fun with it, they are so much fun to ride around on!! Great ideas can go a long way!!

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