Local bike news!

Oh Atlanta, we love you more than ever now.

©foreveriloveatlanta.com Who wouldn’t love a city that looks like this? *dreamy sigh*

The City of Atlanta announced on July 16th that construction will be going underway for a BRAND SPANKING NEW TWO-WAY BIKE ROUTE AROUND 10TH STREET. You know, around the Piedmont Park area.

It will look similar to this.

To get into where it will be specifically, Phase 1 of the bike route will be at 10th Street around Piedmont Park between Charles Allen Drive and Monroe Drive, and will then be extended into Myrtle Street and Peachtree Street for Phase 2. Which is later this year. *squeal*

Here at OnAir, we are super excited about this. Midtown Atlanta is a beautiful area, especially for biking around on. And now, it has gotten easier. You’ll be able to spot us biking around there, so if you’re an ATLien, keep your eyes peeled for the OnAir logo (I’ll probably be biking to a local coffee place to catch up on blogging).

If you live around here, will you be using this? Tell us your reactions in a comment below!

Source: http://www.atlantaintownpaper.com/2013/07/10th-street-cycle-track-to-connect-midtown-to-beltline/

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