Made in the Shade

Wow! I can’t believe it- summer is practically here! While school’s winding down, the weather is heating up, especially in Atlanta! In fact, this city has been known to reach temperatures of 110° Fahrenheit and above! So although it will be tempting to stay inside most days, or go everywhere in an air-conditioned car, I’m here to tell you some of the wonderful ways that being green is fun, especially in the summer! I’ve gathered a list of the best ways to stay cool this season, whilst having minimal impact on our environment.

1. Go to the pool! This is an obvious one. Pack your suit and sun block and you’ll be all set. But the hard thing is to find a nice pool that’s membership doesn’t break the bank! A lot of places can be really expensive. My strategy is to find places with public hours or go with friends that have memberships.

2.Hang at the park! It may not sound like a very cooling experience, but think about it- parks are full of trees! Trees provide shade and are good for the air. What’s not to love? Some great parks in my city include Piedmont Park, Grant Park and the brand new Old 4th Ward park.

3. Hydrate. Drink lots of water whatever you may be doing, because it helps regulate body temperature and helps you stay out longer in the heat.

What are some environmentally low impact ways you spend your summer? Think green; no gas, no waste, plenty of exercise.

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