Meatless Mondays…and OnAir

Okay, so not everyone that’s environmentally-conscious is a vegetarian. Nor do you have to be. But how can you make a change with your diet, specifically in regards to meat?

May we suggest going a day without meat? I HEREBY PROPOSE, MEATLESS MONDAYS.

How does going meatless make a difference, you ask? Well, the carbon emissions that come from large butchering plants is insane. Plus, the energy that goes into doing so is just as crazy. So basically, if you reduce your consumption of meat, this should impact the overall meat industry (given that everyone else does it) and lessen the use of energy and decrease the amount of emissions.

Now, how are you going to get everyone to do it? I suggest writing about it. Preferably, a blog post here at Oh! Or even better, a comic strip that talks about the process of how these huge meat corporations use so much energy and how it overall affects us. And you know…you can submit these things to, a new Digital Tools project we have with OnAir Schools!

OnAir Schools is a PreK-12 educational initiative by The Clean Air Campaign that inspires students to take actions that improve our air quality. You may know us by our former name, Clean Air Campaign Schools.

Pretty neat, huh? Not only can you show off your skills, but you can also be a part of our mission! More publicity is good for you and good for us. Be sure to check it out!

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