More than Just Recycling!

When we think of saving the Earth and helping the environment, we come to a common thought: recycling paper. But did you know that recycling doesn’t necessarily mean just paper, cans/bottles and metal? There are more than 40 ways of going green other than just recycling!

Here are some interesting ways of going green:
• Don’t leave your computer plugged in! Even if it is sleeping, it’s still sucking up energy. Turn your computer off at the end of the day or better yet, use the charger sparingly.
• Look into carpooling with your friends or riding the bus home.
• Buy rechargeable batteries and dispose old batteries properly.
• Donate old newspapers to animal shelters.
• Convince your parents to use a cloth/canvas grocery bags instead of using plastic bags.
• Shop for eco-friendly beauty products! There are some great make up companies out there that support going green! Here are a few.
• Buy a new houseplant for a greener home. Here’s a list of great houseplants!
• Schedule your errands back-to-back to consolidate your trip and save gas or ride your bike or walk when possible.
• Buy used or e-books instead of new.
• Use compact fluorescent, LED or halogen bulbs instead of conventional incandescent.
• Don’t leave the sink faucet on while you’re brushing.
• Before turning on the lights in the morning or the middle of the day, open the curtains. There’s plenty of sunlight that can act as your light. While you’re at it, open up the window to allow a nice breeze of fresh air to come in instead of depending on your air conditioner.
• Buy a reusable water bottle instead of buying a plastic bottle every time.
• Make your own recycling bin from an old cardboard box!
• When you print paper, print conservatory. Start by printing front-and-back and fitting in as many document pages into one. Reuse scrap paper.
• Support green companies!
• Buy locally grown food. Foods grown from other parts of the world come here through air fright which contributes to more air pollution.
• Start your own little vegetable garden!


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