New Driver? Interested in Carpooling?

Of course you’re interested! Why wouldn’t you be? After all, carpooling is great for the environment. It means fewer cars out on the road, which means less tailpipes emitting fumes, and cleaner air for us to breathe! Not to mention, it’s nice to have some company while driving, or someone to help kick in gas money! You could even call it a reason to spend a little extra time with that special someone…

Just got your license? You're free at last!

Regardless of your reasons, we’re excited that you’re excited about carpooling! We at On Air love to hear about students who carpool to school. But while you’re still in your teens, there are a few state laws you should know about before parking your friends into the back seat. We know a lot of you are new drivers, so here are a few Georgia laws to keep in mind as you start logging some time behind the wheel.


  • During your first 6 months of driving, you are only allowed to drive with ONE immediate family member in your car, and no one else. We know what a bummer it can be not to be able to drive your friends around, but if you’ve only recently gotten your license, someone who’s had their license for over 6 months will have to drive the carpool.

  • After 6 months you can drive as many immediate family members around as you want, however you can only have ONE other non-family member who is under 21.
  • After you have a year’s worth of legal driving under your belt, you are allowed to have as many as three other people who are under 21 in the car! That’s about as many as will fit comfortably in your eco-friendly ride anyway. It’s really not worth cramming in like sardines.

Keep in mind, until you’re 18 you aren’t allowed to be driving between the hours of 12:00am – 6:00am. So if you’re out late (parents permitting), be sure to have someone 18 or older drive!

Don’t have a license? No problem, there are plenty of other eco-friendly ways to commute to school. You can always catch the bus, ride your bike, or catch a ride with someone who can legally drive you.

Remember to always wear a seat belt, and NEVER text and drive.

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