Oh the sky would be blue, and you guys will be there too When I finally do what frozen things do in summerrrrrrr!

Hey guys!

When it’s as hot as it is here in Atlanta, I can’t help but enjoy watching tv shows and movies that are set in.. cooler places. I can’t be the only one here that has seen (and adores) the newest Disney movie- “Frozen.” Obviously most people, including myself, only take the movie at face value- it is without a doubt a great story of sisterhood, inter-personal relationships and overall girl power!

But what about the other themes in “Frozen”? Did any of you recognize the issue of climate change? It has been stated in several different sources that the intention of the directors was to introduce the concept as a sort of warning sign that climate change resulting in the earth experiencing another ice age is a real concern, especially if the next few generations do not start interacting with the Earth in responsible ways.

Think about it- Olaf is a perfect example of what climate change can do. Even the smallest of children can see the consequences of climate change through this movie.  So what do you all think? Total sham or is there something more to this idea? Are there any other movies you know of that have hidden messages like “Frozen”? Comment below!

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