Paper or Plastic…or Neither

Earlier this summer I took a trip to New York and while I was there I took at visit to CVS. As usual we went in, gathered up out items then made our way to the checkout counter. After we checked out, the cashier just gave us our items…without a BAG! At first we were very confused then asked “do we get a bag?” and the cashier responded by saying “we aren’t able to give bags for items here.”  So we gathered up our items in our arms (thankfully we didn’t get a lot of stuff ☺). As we walked home I was talking to my sister about why we didn’t get a bag and she said “its because of the environment – plastic has a hard time breaking down in the environment”. I’m happy that CVS is actually doing this because many people don’t properly discard of their trash and grocery bags. By not giving customers bags, it’s lowering the amount of harmful materials that will ultimately end up on the side of street, in the sewers, and in oceans. And if the bags get into the ocean, they are dangerous to the animals that inhabit the water.

Many people think that it’s automatically better to use paper bags but there are a lot of studies that contradict that claim. Paper production emits air pollution, specifically 70 percent more pollution than the production of plastic bags but both are still bad for the environment. Many people have a tendency to litter their plastic bags resulting in bags everywhere such as on the sides of the roads. Wildlife tends to mistake plastic bags, for food resulting is serious consequences to their health. So really there is no choice that’s better than the next, both have various downsides. You’re best bet is to get a reusable bag and save the environment some hurt.

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