Piedmont Park

There is so much to do! There are so many places to go! Summer is finally here! No more school or homework to stop you from having a good time. What should you do first? Personally, I’m thinking something fun that doesn’t break the bank.

O.K., so first off the summer heat in Georgia is ridiculous, not to mention the humidity and pollution make it feel even hotter here than it actually is. A nice pool is hard enough to find, but finding a nice publicly available (without membership) pool that is in an area with mostly young people is basically unheard of, right? Actually, there is such a place. It is in the city (so if you want to walk around the city afterwards you can), in a park that features athletic fields, beach-volleyball courts, a “green” market,” lots of walking/ jogging paths, and more.

Piedmont Park in Midtown is one of Atlanta’s largest parks. You can grill there; fish there, bring your dog, or just sit back and relax. Especially with special events that take place in the park such as “Music Midtown,” or “The Dogwood Festival,” you simply cannot be bored at this location. There are literally hundreds of ways to entertain yourself and others in this park. Piedmont Park also offers different programs and classes, such as “Children’s Cooking.” These classes are a great way to pass the time on slower summer days. Plus you are guaranteed to meet a colorful set of diverse characters from all over the Georgia/ Atlanta area.

Piedmont Park is one of the cleanest, best-maintained parks I have ever had the pleasure to visit, and that is saying a lot. It is beautiful, as well as cleaned to a high standard, and vastly fun. It can make for the perfect date as well. Think about it. It’s basically free, bring a picnic and you don’t even have to buy fancy restaurant food. The park has a gazebo that overlooks a peaceful lake, and other scenic views. Moreover there are fun places, such as playgrounds spread out all around. You won’t need to buy a bouquet of flowers; you can take her to an entire park full of them. Plus the bus runs right by the park, so you don’t need to pollute by taking your own car.

There is no way to summarize, or even begin to convey all that Piedmont Park has to offer based on accessibility, location, amenities, and community, alone. Some people say a picture is worth a thousand words, well if so, this park is worth a minimum of a trillion but since we don’t have enough time for that, I’d say this park is at least worth a visit. See for yourself the youthful joy that is Piedmont Park. Enjoy its splendor. You could spend the whole summer there. There is simply so much to do. There are just so many places to go.

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