School supply shopping can be green too!

School supply shopping…is so fun. I have no idea why — you’re just buying a bunch of stuff that you PROBABLY won’t even use. They’ll be lying at the bottom of your locker, backpack, your bed, etc. But there is something that is just so wonderful about purchasing new school supplies.


I want AWL OF DAT.

Anyway, here is a lovely list for you all to keep in mind while you shop. Being green should be a top priority for everyone, so we hope this really helps reinforce that.

1. Recycle old printer cartridges – That plastic and e-waste filling up landfills? Not cool. Plus, it’s like $2, so you’re saving a lot of money. Print away, young ones. Well, not too much…that wastes paper…

2. Thrift shop for new clothes – I love this one. Instead of filling up landfills with old clothes (which is a major issue), go to your local thrift store. Plus, ever since Macklemore came out with a song about thrift shopping, it’s actually pretty cool.

3. Buy used books – Because to purchase new ones means more resources being used.

4. Thrift shop for dorm stuff – For those of you going off to college, do you really need that brand new bookcase from Ikea that will probably break anyway? Get a much sturdier (and classier!) one from a thrift store or vintage shop. You’ll also save some money.

5. School supplies are green nowadays – Things like notebooks and printer paper are now recycled. Keep an eye out for these items and be sure to purchase them!

6. Bike to class – This helps the air get cleaner instead of taking your car to campus. ← We obviously like this tip best.

Got any more tips for going back to school the green way? Share them with us in a comment below!


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