Sky City

Super-tall buildings can be super impressive. You know, places like this:

©; Burj Khalifa, Dubai


©Wikipedia; Tokyo Skytree

Yes, these are beautiful structures and definitely works of art. But if you’re like us here at OnAir, then your Green Radar has been blinking obnoxiously.

These aren’t exactly the most sustainable buildings, and they don’t really do anything for the environment. Actually, the construction of these buildings can cause harmful emissions of carbon dioxide into the surrounding areas.

But what about this?

The Sky City, which is to be built in Changsha, China, hopes to emphasize the importance of affordability, efficiency, and reliability. With the large population in China, it makes sense to go vertical to save space. With limited space, and to avoid using more land, as well as save energy to help the environment, this is a great solution.

What  do you think of Sky City? Do you think something like this would be useful in cities like New York or Atlanta? Let us know your thoughts in a comment below.


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