Solar Powering Solar

Solar energy is great—we all know it by now. But what’s even better? Cheaper solar energy. And what’s even better than that? Cheaper solar energy who’s production has a small carbon footprint.


Solar energy itself is free (can’t charge us for the sun) and it doesn’t produce any pollution. But producing solar-powered materials does produce pollution. Disposing of the solar materials in an environmentally-friendly way can also be tricky.

Here’s the solution: using sunlight (free, clean) to make the solar materials. Here’s the idea: The sunlight would heat a microreactor to the right temperature, and that in turn would make nanoparticle ink that makes solar cells through printing.

It’s a cheap, clean way to make more cheap, clean energy.

What do you think about replacing the energy you use in your home now with solar energy? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.





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