Solar Roadways

This super-road just might be the answer to a lot of our problems. The Brusaw couple started up their Solar Roadways company to bring a solar powered road to the streets. The solar panels that make up the road produce and store energy and are strong enough to take on the weight of heavy traffic.


That’s not all they’re good for, though. The solar roads are actually pretty smart; there’s a space for power and cable lines along the road, which means overhead wires aren’t necessary. That means that in the case of a strong storm, where power lines would usually be knocked down, locals will still have electricity. The roadside cables offer easy access to power and data companies, helping reduce cell phone dead spots. The road also has programmable LEDs—LED lights that will light up the road markings for drivers at night and during stormy weather.

It also stores, treats, and redistributes storm water, and the panels have heating options that can melt ice and snow, making the road a safer place for everyone.

Yeah, that was our reaction too.

So what do you think of this amazingly smart roads? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!



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