Soofa Smart

Boston’s the first to have them: smart benches. Because why just not make a smart seat when you can?

Not only do these fancy benches use solar power to charge your phones, it also monitors the air quality and sound levels in the area.

By logging onto the Soofa website, users would also be able to see where each smart bench is (and its own personal name), how many people are using each smart bench, the air quality and sound levels in the area, and how much renewable energy that bench generated.

This kind of easily-available information could become an educating point for solar energy to communities who may not be aware of all the benefits and possibilities. The benches are also on their way to becoming social hubs that communities can gather around.

What do you think of these solar-powered smart seats? Should Atlanta be the next city to get a Soofa? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!



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