Spotlight on an Eco-Friendly Company: Alternative Apparel

In our last post, we listed eco-fashion as one way to make 2012 your greenest year yet. One fashion company we love that is really making a positive impact is Alternative Apparel.

Based here in Atlanta, Alternative Apparel has locations across the U.S. and is known for comfortable, versatile and vintage-style pieces. In addition to comfort, they value inspiring wearers and supporters to make a positive difference with how we live and what we wear.

I first heard about Alternative Apparel through celebrity fashion blogs and fell in love with their look and mission. You can see which celebrities support Alternative Apparel here, and even shop the same items they’re wearing.

Some of their classic items include soft tees, tanks and hoodies in understated colors. The look is simple, clean and totally classic.

To get more familiar with their style and values, check out their website and blog, which explores a range of do-good topics, including sustainability. They even highlight other companies committed to the environment, giving us more resources to choose eco-friendly clothing options as consumers.

If you dig their mission and need some basics for your wardrobe, I encourage you to shop their Alternative Earth line. These pieces are the most eco-friendly because they’re made with organic cotton, recycled polyester and other fibers from sustainable raw materials. In addition to material, they are colored using non-toxic dyes, biodegradable fabric softeners and natural enzymes–making them both super soft and low-impact on the environment.

Comfy, stylish, and making a difference? Yeah, we can get behind that.

Which eco-fashion brands do you support?

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