Stay GREEN Mary Rose!

© StayGoldMaryRose

These are just about some of the most unique and beautiful bracelets I’ve ever seen. Abigail Mary Rose Clark is an exceptional artist that upcycles unwanted, British porcelain teacups into these beautiful bracelets. She sells her work on Anthropologie, and has an Etsy shop under the name of StayGoldMaryRose. Understandably, porcelain isn’t exactly environmentally friendly as porcelain is made of phosphate from animal bones, but it is better to upcycle what has already been created than to create new sources of waste. Right? Plus, she puts bows on them.

© StayGoldMaryRose

Does anyone else create artwork from unusual and unexpected items? How do you upcycle these items? Let us know in a comment below.

2 thoughts on “Stay GREEN Mary Rose!

  1. Those look really neat! It’s cool she was able to reuse those instead of them being thrown out. Stay ocean-y!

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