Stone Mountain

Ok, so if you live in or around Atlanta I am willing to bet you or someone you have visited Stone Mountain Park. True, it is a lot more commercial now than it used to be, but it still has so much to offer with regards to nature.

For 10 dollars a vehicle, or 35 dollars annually, you can enter a pretty cool place. It’s about a mile walk to the top of the mountain, and not a particularly painful of rigorous course. Some people even run up and down the mountain as a workout!

The view from the top is absolutely great, and you may even encounter some friendly critters on the way up. Stone Mountain has a famous songbird trail in addition to its normal trail, if birds are your thing.

All this great stuff can make it hard to leave the park! That’s totally understandable, and makes the fact that Stone Mountain allows overnight camping for fairly low fees pretty convenient. If you are interested in this, I would recommend checking out the rules, rates and regulations on their official website:

Other than a campground and lots of hiking trails, there are picnic areas, and a lake at the base of the mountain. Pretty cool, huh? Its not like you’ll find a lot of mountains around the city, so cram as many pals as you legally can into a car, and go climb a mountain!

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  1. I know what you mean! Stone Mountain is one of the big attractions in Georgia. People can either scale the rock or ride the large vehicle up the rock. It’s such a waste for these trips damaging the ecosystem when they can just have some fun, experience the view as they climb it, and even exercise! The thing about Stone Mountain is that anyone can go, and they even have these different trails you can choose to take as you climb the side. Such an adventure is healthy towards you and the environment!

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