The home of a hipster Hobbit.

I love Lord of the Rings. I love everything about it. From the books, to the actual movies, to the characterization, to the whole story…it’s just amazing.

So what would the modern version of Bilbo Baggins’ house look like? Maybe something like this:


This home in Romania is created to be extremely eco-friendly, not to mention equipped with natural ventilation, thermal energy storage in the floors, LED lighting, rainwater storage, and cellulose insulation.

And if you’ve ever seen the Lord of the Rings movies, you’ll see that the structure of this home looks incredibly Hobbit-esque. With the dome structure and the greenery surrounding it, this would definitely be Bilbo-approved.

The Hobbits would be so proud.

Would you live in a home like this? What have you implemented into your household that is green? Would you move to Romania for this? Let us know in a comment below.


8 Greenest Vacation Spots

Summer vacation is right around the corner! Some of you may be working, doing volunteer work (like cleaning up the city or at a recycling facility, right?), or maybe even being a bum at home. But if you are amongst the lucky individuals that get to go on vacation, then congratulations, we all envy you right now.

Jk, but seriously, that’s fantastic! However, unless you haven’t figured it out yet, planning where to go is a huge deal as well. And considering that you are a reader of OnAir, we assume that you’re trying your best to be green.

So why not aim for places that are easy on the environment? Here are 8 vacation spots that are run on renewable energy, and I gotta tell ya, they do look nice.

Eden Lodge, Madagascar –

This resort promises to plant a tree for every person that stays there, and is powered 100% by solar panels!

© Eden Lodge


Majahuitas Resort, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – This resort is powered on solar energy, and doesn’t have air conditioning or television in the rooms to really get people in touch with nature.

© Majahuitas Resort, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


Paraguay – Because of the amount of dams in the country, they are able to produce hydroelectricity. Not to mention, Paraguay is a hot spot for nature lovers!



Berkshire East Ski Resort – The resort is powered by electricity produced from a wind turbine! How cool is that?

©Berkshire East


Blue Lagoon Resort and Spa, Iceland –  This resort uses  geothermal power from boiling saltwater underground.

©Robert Rozbora/Shutterstock


Matava eco-resort, Fiji – This resort is known to be powered with solar energy. Plus, they have grass rooftops. Now that’s green.



Hidden Valley Cabins, Queensland, Australia – This is Australia’s first solar-powered resort, and it has lots of opportunities for exploring!

©Hidden Valley Cabins


Vail, Colorado – This city, which is home to several ski resorts, runs a carbon neutral operation where they buy wind credits to offset the energy they use.



Do any of these places appeal to you? Would you want to go there one day? Have we given you bucket list prospects? Let us know in a comment below!