Transit on the Silver Screen

We love a good movie around here…almost as we love buses and trains! As you know, riding transit gets cars off the road, which reduces air pollution – and that’s awesome.

So, being transit nerds, we naturally make a mental note when we see clean commuting on the big screen. Here’s handful of our favorite clips featuring public transportation:

An action-packed commute for these riders in Spiderman 2:

Angst-ridden subway daydreaming in Across the Universe:

Jamal and Salim take train riding to another level in this scene from Slumdog Millionaire:

Inspiration to burst into song on your next subway ride: Rent.


Napoleon Dynamite: Gosh!

Almost Famous, showcasing the classic traveling sing-along:

(And just since it never goes without saying, we’ll say it now: We don’t claim rights to any of these videos. Those belong to their respective studios and production companies. We’re just link scavengers over here.)

What are your favorite movies? Have they got any good transit scenes? Let us know in the comments! And don’t forget to log your bus and train riding in AirCreds for points and prizes!


What’s On Your Bus Playlist? Here’s Ours!

We all know that riding the bus is one of the best ways to combat air pollution. One full bus can take as many as 35 cars off the road, which cuts down on the amount of harmful emissions in the air.

So, get excited about your bus ride by spending a little quality time with your MP3 player. Of course, everyone has a different opinion on how to make the perfect mix. But, here are some things to think about:

Consider the Mood. What’s the tone you’re trying to set for your day?

Challenge Yourself. Mix it up—try different combinations to avoid getting bored.

Be Flexible. Don’t worry about sticking to a certain genre or theme.

I posed a Facebook question about how to make the perfect mix, and here are some tips I got:

  • Don’t limit yourself to one mix. Create several playlists to anticipate your different moods. For instance, when I’m frustrated, I have an angry metal playlist prepared. I’ve also got a soothing, indie heavy mix ready to calm me down. (-Alyson)
  • I like stability in my playlist and usually stick to classical music because it allows me to do other things like read and play games. (-Erin)

And we asked around the Clean Air Campaign office for some favorite tunes:

  • “Moves Like Jagger” by Maroon 5 because “it wakes me up and gets me moving.”
  • “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele because “the beat is invigorating.”
  • “Lose Yourself” by Eminem because “it gives me street cred.”

Other listening options

Music playing services.  If you keep your music on your phone or use a 3G capable MP3 player, you can also access a music service like Pandora Radio. Pandora automatically recommends and plays music based on your song suggestions. And if you’re a Facebook user, check out Spotify, another music service that also allows you to share songs and playlists with your friends.

Podcasts  Not that into music? Try flipping to a podcast instead.

iTunes has hundreds of free podcasts to browse through —but that’s not your only option. If you’re not an Apple user try or to download casts to the media player of your choice, or even directly onto your MP3 player or smartphone. Funny, serious, educational, political—pick a topic, and there’s likely a podcast out there covering it. And most are totally free!

I’m personally a fan of following podcasts that talk about my favorite TV shows like (geek alert!) Doctor Who, How I Met Your Mother, and The Walking Dead.

Videos.  How else does taking the bus win over driving? Video. When you don’t have to keep those eyes on the road, you can glue them to something way more entertaining. So if your MP3 player has video capabilities, try a video podcast. And don’t forget about music videos—get on YouTube or Vevo for a huge backlog of music videos and even suggested playlists based on the artists and songs you search.

What do you like to listen to on the bus? Leave us an answer in the comments! And don’t forget to log your bus riding time on the AirCreds tool for points and prizes!

What Are You Doing Next Week? Clean Commute With Us!

Wake up, ladies and gentlemen! Next week isn’t just any week. It’s the first full week of March, the week of National White Chocolate Cheesecake Day (March 6th) and, most importantly, Clean Commute Week! That’s right, a whole week dedicated to saving our air!

If you’ve been following our blog and are inspired to make changes, March 5th-9th is the perfect time to find clean ways to get to school and work. Throughout the week, schools across the state will highlight four clean modes of transportation: bus riding, biking, walking and carpooling.

I know what you’re thinking: This sounds cool. How can I get involved?

Walk or bike to school. Georgia Walk to School Day is March 7th, conveniently right after National White Chocolate Cheesecake Day. (Coincidence? We think not.) If you haven’t mapped out a walking route to your school yet, today’s the day. Remember to consider pedestrian and bicycle safety rules, and make sure to plan ahead to make it to class on time!

Organize a carpool. Driving to school with friends has multiple benefits: You save gas money, reduce air pollution and have an excuse to grab coffee in your reusable mug on the way.

Ride the bus. If you’ve already started driving, the last option on your mind may be riding the bus again to school. But consider this: According to, public transportation saves 37 million metric tons of carbon dioxide per year, which is the same amount of emissions from electricity use in every household in Washington, DC; New York City; Atlanta; Denver; and Los Angeles– combined! Did you have any idea that riding the bus could make such a difference?

Volunteer at your local elementary or middle school’s Clean Commute Week. Offer to map out safe walking routes for children living in surrounding neighborhoods, or develop a fun fact sheet about air pollution that teachers can pass out.

Last, but certainly not least, get your friends involved! No matter how you choose to celebrate Clean Commute Week, you’ll have more fun and make a bigger impact when other people join you.

What are your ideas for clean commuting? Let us know how you plan to celebrate the week!