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What’s up, clean air fans? So, there’s a new thing happening in the clean air, clean environment discussion. And it started right here at OnAir. It’s the #ChalkBomb movement. Whats #ChalkBomb, you ask? It’s this cool new thing that all…read more

OnAir x 1000!

Guess what we did today, people? We hit 1,000 likes on Facebook! Your clean air community is growing, and we couldn’t be more pumped.

Here’s how it went down: So there we were, business as usual, when someone said “Hey, did you guys know you’re up to 975?”

And we were like:

So we got the team together…

And fired up the old internet machine like:


And there it was. High 900s. Would we break 1000 today?
We were glued to our monitors as we hit 982…

Then 990…

And THEN. Finally. It happened.

So, yes, we’re stoked that our community is growing. Because that means the OnAir message is spreading. And more and more of you are getting plugged into projects that can really make a difference.

So to all of you ‘likers’ out there, thanks.

You’re legendary.