Deforestation makes koalas sad.

We all know the impact that deforestation has on animals, and humans as well. It is common knowledge that we need trees to provide clean oxygen for us to breathe. You know, pretty standard. All living things need it.

But it’s possible to keep that kind of info at arm’s length most of the time. Until the internet hits you with the photo of a sad, homeless koala.

These were taken after a logging project in New South Wales. We understand that we are an ever-developing world and that deforestation is unfortunately a part of developing our cities all over the world. We also know that the environmental impact can get a lot more complicated than sad koala faces.

But still. Sometimes it just takes one sad koala face to get you talking  about the negative effects of deforestation. However, some may argue that it’s necessary. Here are some blurbs that show the argument for and against deforestation.

What are your thoughts and opinions on deforestation? Is it necessary and a part of development? Or is it unnecessary and contributes to the extinction of endangered animals? Tell us about what you think!