Have a Clean, Green Spring Break

Spring Break is here! And I’ve found some great green vacation ideas that can also help keep the air clean. If you’ve already got set plans, we’ve added some ways for you to green and clean up your already planned vacation, too.

Have a staycation

The state of Georgia has millions of fun things to do. Pick an activity near you or take the trip by bus!

• Take a trip to the Georgia Aquarium and/or the World of Coca-Cola
• Catch a Braves baseball game at Turner Field—opening day is upon us!
• Journey to Jekyll Island for beach fun and relaxation
• Go see an act at the Cobb Galleria Centre
• Watch an IMAX movie at the Fernbank Museum
• Ride roller coasters at Six Flags Over Georgia
• Explore the city of Savannah, which is full of fun, historic sites
• Take a trip to Tybee Island beach, only 20 miles from Savannah

Have a volunteer-based trip

It’s called “volun-tourism,” and it’s getting very popular. Basically, it means traveling during your break to amazing, sometimes exotic places and volunteering while you’re there.

Habitat for Humanity offers several youth programs that send young people to different places nationwide or even out of the country to volunteer. Also check out Voluntourism.org, a site dedicated to helping people volun-tour.

Have an outdoor vacation

Plan a massive camping trip! Carpool to the nearest camp-approved park and enjoy the great outdoors. Here’s a list of ways to keep your time in the open air clean and green:

• Pack light!
• Unplug unused, unimportant electronics before you leave home
• Use organic bug spray and sunscreens.
• Use biodegradable soap, cleaning supplies and waste bags (for pets)
• Bring LED flashlights and use rechargeable batteries for any lanterns
• Bring dish towels from home rather than paper towels
• Recycle any used plastic or aluminum.
• Bring stainless steel utensils and hard plastic plates and cups rather than plastic throw-away ones
• Did we mention carpool?

Have a sustainable trip

If you’re going to take a trip, remember to carpool or consider renting a hybrid vehicle or riding a coach-style bus. Nowadays, most buses are Wi-Fi enabled, and riding can often be less expensive than driving.

Consider booking a “green” hotel. Travelocity has a website dedicated to green hotels and also offers tips on air friendly transportation.

If you’re staying in a hotel, consider reusing your towels and sheets instead of asking for new ones each day. Also, consider requesting paperless billing, and try to get outdoors and walk or bike as much as you can! Remember to turn the lights off in any unused rooms and try to unplug all electronics while they’re not being used. Remember, any effort to stay green will also help keep the air clean!

How are you making this Spring Break greener and cleaner? If you do any green or clean Spring Breaking, remember to log it on AirCreds!