Who knew that helping others and going green could go hand in hand?

It’s always nice to see more and more efforts here in the USA and all over the world where people help others in need. It’s also nice to see more and more green efforts to save the planet.


^^ This is how I envision those people. But who doesn’t?

Apparently, this can be done together. And it has been done…by some really great kids and a nonprofit organization called Solar Aid.

Solar Aid is committed to providing funding for various institutions in Africa (mostly schools), helping them to receive solar power. More specifically, solar lighting systems. So it made sense for students to take action, learning about the importance of energy and the life of kids in other parts of the world than theirs. So they decided to help out Solar Aid in their mission. Watch the video below for the full story.


It’s wonderful. I know.

What efforts have you taken or want to take that are similar to this? Do you they combine something that is green and also something that helps people (aside from saving the planet)? Tell us your story and/or thoughts in a comment below!

Flowing Help

OnAir says: The harm we do to the environment can be felt all over the world. Several of our student bloggers, in addition to being champions for clean air, also make a point to get involved with humanitarian causes they care about. Here’s one of Shafer’s stories.

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As many of you know, the conditions in a majority of the regions in Africa are on the border of humanly possible to live in, and droughts along with long periods of famine cause a multitude of deaths in the region.

As of now, the Sahel region along with the Ouallam and Maradi regions in Niger are facing a drought crisis that has been ongoing since 2010. The weather hasn’t been favorable for the people and has caused them to not be able to grow produce of any kind. In order to counter this measure, they have to exhaust all of their savings and surplus of food. Farmers don’t have any water to nourish their produce with and now the pastoralists are watching their herds slowly die.

The main problem drastically affecting the region is that the 15 million people (including children) are starting to suffer from malnutrition. Thankfully, UNICEF has decided to step in and aid the people with transportations of water and food supplies; however, since the crisis is becoming increasingly worse, UNICEF needs more support before the threshold has passed and there won’t be anything anyone can do.

So I ask you to consider donating a few dollars to the organization whenever you can assist. I realize it is hard economic times, but I am not talking about a bunch of money. Even one dollar or a few pennies will help. If everyone were to contribute a penny, we could avert this potential crisis with ease. Just think that by donating the cost of 1 drink you could help save millions of lives.

I also implore you to keep this situation in the back of your mind and use it to remember to conserve water every little bit you can, become there is someone out there who could utilize it.