The Air Games

As many of you sports fans know, it is now the time of reckoning for many in the 2012 Olympic Games located in London. For those who keep track, a major problem in the 2008 games in Beijing was the amount of air pollution and it dismal effects upon the athletes and tourists—such as smog and harshness to breath. As of now, the city of London is taking extra precautions to reduce the amount of pollution that the visitors will be experiencing with the leading levels of Nitrogen Oxides (NOx).

Some programs are initiated that travel around the city to spray a mixture that can soak up the amount of smog that fills the roadways in order to reduce the amount that has vaporized into the air.

Other actions taken by local environmentalist groups are trying to persuade companies to install filter caps onto the mufflers of transportation vehicles and company cars that are a leading factor of carbon emissions. Similarly, on the ground level people are now trading their boilers out for more efficient and environmentally friendly device that reduce the amounts NOx released while in use. All of these actions are in hopes to fulfill the city’s new program of Low Emission Zone for the pollution levels.

Also, companies are installing bike racks and designating other areas for specific use as a
placement for people’s bikes. Since this trend has started, the amount of customers and employees that use their bikes have increased dramatically. Likewise, the large law firm of Simmons and Simmons has started a program called Walk to Client, which allows the attorneys to use certain social media and communications to organize themselves and agree on a set location that is within walking distances for both parties.

So what can we learn from this? Simple: Try the same tactics. Now realize that it doesn’t have to scale large factories and law offices. It could, but you can start simply with your friends. Suggest that you all meet somewhere and that you are all going to bike there, or skateboard, or even just walk. You could even try petitioning the idea of installing some bike rakes and some of your favorite places. The biggest mistake anyone ever made was not trying. Give it a whirl, you might be surprised what happens.