The home of a hipster Hobbit.

I love Lord of the Rings. I love everything about it. From the books, to the actual movies, to the characterization, to the whole story…it’s just amazing.

So what would the modern version of Bilbo Baggins’ house look like? Maybe something like this:


This home in Romania is created to be extremely eco-friendly, not to mention equipped with natural ventilation, thermal energy storage in the floors, LED lighting, rainwater storage, and cellulose insulation.

And if you’ve ever seen the Lord of the Rings movies, you’ll see that the structure of this home looks incredibly Hobbit-esque. With the dome structure and the greenery surrounding it, this would definitely be Bilbo-approved.

The Hobbits would be so proud.

Would you live in a home like this? What have you implemented into your household that is green? Would you move to Romania for this? Let us know in a comment below.