OnAir x 1000!

Guess what we did today, people? We hit 1,000 likes on Facebook! Your clean air community is growing, and we couldn’t be more pumped.

Here’s how it went down: So there we were, business as usual, when someone said “Hey, did you guys know you’re up to 975?”

And we were like:

So we got the team together…

And fired up the old internet machine like:


And there it was. High 900s. Would we break 1000 today?
We were glued to our monitors as we hit 982…

Then 990…

And THEN. Finally. It happened.

So, yes, we’re stoked that our community is growing. Because that means the OnAir message is spreading. And more and more of you are getting plugged into projects that can really make a difference.

So to all of you ‘likers’ out there, thanks.

You’re legendary.




Introducing OnAir AirCreds!


We’re pretty fired up over here at OnAir- we’re about to launch our new AirCreds program! We know what you’re thinking: ‘What’s an AirCred?”┬áDon’t worry- we’ll break it down for you, and we know that once you understand how AirCreds works, you’ll be excited too.

Basically, the AirCreds system awards you points when you enter the positive actions you take to contributing to improving our air and our environment in general. For example, if you invite a friend to join OnAir, you earn 5 points. If you take the bus to school, you earn 10 points. You can even rack up points by planting a tree, working in a community garden, or skateboarding to school. The possibilities are endless, and the awesome part is that not only will you help save our air, you’ll have fun in the process.

If you’re already an OnAir member, simply go to the AirCreds tab and start recording your AirCred actions! If you’re not yet member, join here, then sign up for AirCreds and get to crushing the competition!

So- that just leaves one question: are you up for the AirCreds challenge? And how do you think you’ll stack up against your OnAir competitors?