My Generation

At my school, walking and biking to school is very common. There’s a massive group of students who live relatively nearby, and ride their bikes or come to school on foot almost every day. We even have one organized day a month where you get small prizes for using alternative, eco-friendly transportation when travelling to and from school.

(If you want to get your school involved, go to Georgia Safe Routes to School.)

I interviewed some of my friends, teachers and peers who are working every day to prevent air pollution by avoiding the harmful substances emitted into the environment by motor vehicles. Although many schools aren’t as environmentally conscious as mine, it’s clear that young people can have a lot of impact in the green movement. Let’s make our generation be the one to protect our future.

OnAir says: It’s Air Quality Awareness Week! Got any air-friendly ideas you’re ready to put into action? Tell us about them in the comments! And don’t forget to keep logging those clean, green acts for more AirCreds!

How to get started on an action plan?

“Leadership is bringing people together to accomplish something good. Good leaders have the ability to work with diverse groups of people, communicate their ideas effectively, and inspire the people around them toward a common vision.” -Miriam Denard, Program Director, 21st Century Leaders

Initiating and implementing an action plan can be very exciting. It is a time to see change. Change is inevitable. When guided by a vision and clear, well-defined goals and action steps, change can be positive and can improve what ever it is you want to change.You can create a future that is more livable and more sustainable.

When creating an action plan establish a method that monitors and measures the outcomes.  You have to be able to educate and communicate. You need to clearly state to your school or community why this plan is being done, how it will work and what it will accomplish.

Consider these questions when planning.

  • Are you following the timeline set, meeting deadlines, and working efficiently as a team?
  • Is your school or community excited about the initiative?
  • Is there enough information to know how to take action? Are you educating them with the facts?

What changes would you like to make at your school or in your community? Can you take the lead?