Eco-Friendly Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is coming up, and if you haven’t started thinking about your costume, you probably should. Dressing up for Halloween is an age-old tradition that will be a part of your life for many years (as it should be).

What’s that? You don’t enjoy dressing up? Halloween costumes are too expensive, you say? Nonsense.

Yes, we agree that purchasing pre-fab Halloween costumes is lame. It’s over-priced and extremely wasteful. But what if instead you used your creativity to create a costume by upcycling household items and old clothes?

Now all that it takes is an idea, and a little bit of planning, and you can come up with an awesome costume for $10-$20, no problem.

Need some inspiration? Don’t worry, we’ve rounded up a few awesome homemade Halloween costumes from around the internet (via The Daily Green and Ecouterre).

The Cardboard Crocodile

MATERIALS:  cardboard, tape, and butcher paper

Sweet Treats

MATERIALS: recycled tights, leggings, laundry basket, bits of fabric.

The Recycled Samurai

MATERIALS: Rubbermaid 32-gallon garbage cans, rubber stoppers.

The Bat

MATERIALS: umbrella, hooded zippered sweatshirt, needle and thread, pins, pliers, scissors, bolt cutters or tin snips.

Lego Man

MATERIALS: Styrofoam, paint, cardboard.

Etch-A-Sketch – Here is a creative, functional, yet complicated costume idea!

MATERIALS: Plywood, metal rods, pulleys, cloth, cable wire, hot glue, plexiglass, nuts, bolts, small wheels.

Plastic Armor Suit

MATERIALS: every empty plastic container you can find.

What cool, eco-friendly Halloween costume will you create? Share your costume ideas with us in the comments!

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Your Valentines

Happy Day of Love! Today you’re bursting with appreciation for all of your loved ones and the Earth. How do you show it? With a thoughtful, eco-friendly gift of course! The ideas below should satisfy everyone on this year’s love list.

For your parents:

A recycled Valentine’s Day card. Junk mail with colorful ads is great for paper hearts, and you know how much your parents love an original poem!

That compost pile you’ve been working on? Perfect for Dad’s spring tomato planting! (Just make sure to cover any openings in the bin with upcycled wrapping paper so he doesn’t guess what it is from the earthy smell!)

If your compost heap isn’t quite ready yet, give a live plant from your nearby organic nursery. Unlike cut flowers, a live plant will help clean our air and will symbolize your growing love.

For your friends:

An invitation to pick up litter at a local park. With a group picnic made from organic ingredients afterwards, your volunteer day practically becomes a party.

A farm animal. So this isn’t a typical Love Day gift, but what could be cuter than a VIP visit to a farm animal you sponsor? That’s right, adopt an animal and give the gift of a new friend.

For that special someone:

If that special someone is especially special, you may want to go above and beyond this year. Why not try eco-friendly jewelry? Recycled gold, cruelty-free diamonds, and pearls harvested with tropical fish are a good start.

If you don’t have the funds for jewelry, you can always do something free. Using left-overs from your recycled card-making, craft an invitation for a walk in the park (perhaps the one you cleaned up with your friends). What could be more thoughtful than the gift of fresh air?

For everyone:

If the ideas above aren’t quite enough to express your love, a box of organic, fair trade chocolates made from sustainably-harvested cacao never fails to please!

What are your air-friendly plans for the day? Let us know in the comments below!