#GetOnAir Video Challenge: DEADLINE EXTENDED

Hey there, OnAir community!

So, remember when we told you about our #GetOnAir September video challenge? The one where you could show off your camera skills for a good cause? Oh yeah–the one where you could win a Sony HD pocket camcorder? Remember that?

Well, we’ve got good news for you. If you didn’t get the chance to work up an entry in the first half of September, you’re in luck! Because we’ve now extended the deadline until September 30.

That means you’ve now got all the way until the end of the month to whip out that smartphone, wake your inner Tarantino, and hit “record” on your very own save-the-air message. And once you’ve entered, the Internet will vote on whose video is best.

Need more info? You can find all the contest rules here.

Need inspiration? Take a look at this video made last spring by one of our awesome student bloggers:

So get out there, get filming, and #GetOnAir. Do it today!

My Generation

At my school, walking and biking to school is very common. There’s a massive group of students who live relatively nearby, and ride their bikes or come to school on foot almost every day. We even have one organized day a month where you get small prizes for using alternative, eco-friendly transportation when travelling to and from school.

(If you want to get your school involved, go to Georgia Safe Routes to School.)

I interviewed some of my friends, teachers and peers who are working every day to prevent air pollution by avoiding the harmful substances emitted into the environment by motor vehicles. Although many schools aren’t as environmentally conscious as mine, it’s clear that young people can have a lot of impact in the green movement. Let’s make our generation be the one to protect our future.

OnAir says: It’s Air Quality Awareness Week! Got any air-friendly ideas you’re ready to put into action? Tell us about them in the comments! And don’t forget to keep logging those clean, green acts for more AirCreds!