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So it has been five long years since the BP oil spill (otherwise known as the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill) has happened. And of course, it’s not talked about as much anymore, but BP and several other organizations have teamed up to resolve the issue. But is five years too long for this to go on? How has this affected the wildlife within the ocean? What else do you think we should do to prevent this from happening in the future?

Ok, yeah sorry, so many questions. But if you want to spill all yo feels’ through writing, we at OnAir are all for that. I’m going to take this moment to introduce…!

You can submit a piece regarding the BP oil spill (or anything else for that matter as long as it’s environment-related) to us here at, and we can publicize the crap out of it. Ya know, Facebook, Twitter, IG, etc. Not just that, but it will be provided as an opinion piece on our new digital tools, OnAir Schools. It’ll pop up on the feed for several schools across the nation that can reference your opinion.

Plus, the best part? You’ll be published before you’re even in college. And if you know anything about the writing industry, that’s a pretty good deal. Oh! And you may get some stuff for free.

Get your school involved and sign up at!

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