This cute hobbit house may have to go.

Would you ever build a house without the authorities knowing about it? Apparently in the Welsh countryside (and everywhere else), there are rules that outline how an area can be developed. Basically, it’s there to make sure that the area doesn’t become a low-density suburb.

Yes Wales, we know you’ve got beautiful landscape. Sigh.

However, Charlie was so sure that the authorities wouldn’t let him build the house, he did it anyway. And it looks straight out of a storybook.

And hey, he ended up building this beautiful home. It’s sustainable, low impact, and made out of upcycled materials as well.

Unfortunately, the trouble might not have been worth it. Since Charlie built the house illegally, authorities are saying it will have to be torn down in accordance with the zoning laws. So although the house is beautiful and eco-friendly, maybe it wasn’t the best idea to do it without permission.

Can’t always fight environmentalism with environmentalism.

What are your opinions? Should the house stay, or should it go? Share your thoughts in a comment below.


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