To Helmet or No?

Helmets are pretty useful. They’re cheap and they guard your head, which is a pretty important part of your body.

Here’s a little food for thought: some bikers argue that they shouldn’t have to wear helmets and that the whole idea is just social pressure. And when you take a look at this chart, you have to admit they have a point.


It really looks like drivers should be wearing helmets. So why are bikers the ones who are told to helmet up? Is making biking look like a dangerous pastime a reason it hasn’t caught on in the U.S. as much as we’d like it to?

Here’s another option we could go with. Instead of telling bikers to wear helmets to be safe on our fast-paced, bustling roads, why not make the roads and rules safer for everyone who commutes?

What do you think? Do you think helmets are necessary? Or should our roads get major work done? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!



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