Trash into gas.

In today’s world full of consumption, sometimes you get really down. Why can’t we conserve more? Why can’t we just bike wherever we need to go?

Sometimes you become so emotional, you’re in denial.

(But you actually love the earth. You know it.)

And there is smog. And pollution.


But luckily, we have intelligent people in this world. Intelligent people that bring our hopes up.

And from these intelligent people has come a delightful solution. They’re turning trash into gas.

Mike Hart is the genius behind this solution. His company, called Sierra Energy, has come up with a system called FastOx Pathfinder. What is it? It’s a waste-gasifier. In other words, it takes trash and turns it into fuel.

It’s about to the size of a shower stall and has an output that includes hydrogen and carbon monoxide. What does that create? Syngas, or synthetic gas.

Syngas is an alternative to ethanol, which is a colorless, flammable liquid and is used as a solvent in fuel. And you know who is really into the idea? The United States Army.

Of course, there are a few issues with the FastOx. There will be a long time before Sierra Energy begins taking your trash and turning it into gas, and it’s because the company hasn’t yet shown any record of success in other areas. However, the Department of Transportation has given Sierra Energy $3 million to tackle this project, which means that someone in the higher-ups sees potential. And that’s promising for the rest of us.

We will just have to wait and see.

What are your thoughts on FastOx and Sierra Energy? Do you think there needs to be more agencies and cities involved in this initiative? What are some issues associated with that? Share your thoughts with us in a comment below.


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