UN Gives Climate Change a Makeover

We all know that carbon fuel, which we all use, isn’t good for our planet. What you may not know is that the UN’s Panel on Climate Change has recently released a report from Berlin concerning the necessity of a “massive shift” toward clean energy that both scientists and government officials agree is the most forward thinking agreement of our generation.

Natural gas is considered the best way to move away from “dirty” oil and coal. The main question: WHO will pay for the change in energy? But all policy makers and scientists agree that stopping global warming should be everyone’s main topic of conversation because it affects every part of our lives- the economy, our health, and even our food and water.

It is not a hopeless cause- in the last few years alone, use of renewable electricity has doubled. The bad news? Approximately one half of ALL carbon emissions in the atmosphere have been emitted within the last 40 years. The other half is from between 1750 and 1974. That’s 224 years… and we’ve used just that much in the last 40. Scientists warn that the Earth’s temperature will continue rising by 3.7/4.8 degrees (Celsius) by the year 2100 if nothing is done.

The biggest area that needs addressing is that of electricity; that is, if we intend to make below the 2 degree annual increase margin. This means carbon emissions must be decreased by 40-70% by the year 2050. So, we have 36 years to go. Obviously, this change would be beneficial not just for all living things by making the air cleaner, but it would also be beneficial to the international energy security according to the UN.

If you want to read the full report, click here.

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