Using Public Transportation

Public transportation is key to improving our air quality, especially in a city that has so much automobile traffic, like Atlanta. One common misconception about public transportation use is that it is inefficient or too time consuming. However, using public transportation like MARTA or Express Bus is amazing!

My cousin works in Atlanta, and he takes the bus to work everyday. It takes him 45 minutes compared to the hour and half by car commute. He can just relax and sleep on the bus. Also, buses have special lanes so that they can travel faster, and as a result of not having to constantly stop and go in the traffic, the buses burn less fuel. Imagine if we could get thousands of more people to use public transportation. There would be less traffic congestion, which would also help improve air quality.

Tell all of your friends and families about the benefits of using public transportation like the MARTA bus and train systems!!

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