Vintage bikes

As you already know, we love, and I mean love to talk about biking and using alternative ways to cars to get to places you want to go. Want to go to Starbucks down the street? It’s less than 2 miles right? No reason to use your car.

But not only do we talk about carpooling, biking, walking, etc. to make the air cleaner, we also talk about ways to make our world greener. One way we can do that is by recycling or upcycling.

However…what if I told you we could do both at the same time?

Bicycled is a project that intends to use various parts from different cars giving each bike that is created from these old cars a distinct and vintage look. Although this hasn’t been tested out entirely, the concept is pretty amazing and does two good things at the same time.

Would you be interested in taking part of this project? Tell us your thoughts in a comment below.

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