Wait, what are CDs again?

Okay, the last time we saw CDs, we were in elementary school. I think. Point is, we just don’t really do CDs anymore. If you’ve still got stacks hanging around, you might consider putting them in a museum.

But not so fast. Because someone’s developing new technology that uses old CDs to clean wastewater.

How does it work? The research team in charge of this revelation at National Taiwan University grew incredibly small, zinc oxide nanorods that stood upright. They act as photocatalysts that break apart organic molecules when exposed to UV lights on top of optical disks….or CDs.

So when contaminated water hits the device, the water spreads out to where UV light can easily pass through it and break up the contaminants.

O hai, nanorods.

What’s also great about this new research (which as we mentioned, they are turning into a device) is that it’s low power, small and efficient. We might really have a breakthrough on our hands.

OnAir: Heard of any other types of great technology in regards to wastewater? Update us in a comment below!

Source: http://www.treehugger.com/clean-technology/old-cds-could-be-re-used-sewage-treatment.html

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