We can’t seem to get enough of Earth Day.


For us here at OnAir, Earth Day is extremely important and we celebrate it. Like really, we do. Plus, it was really nice to hear about everyone’s Earth Day efforts. Here are some tweets and posts from around the web, showing how people from all over celebrated Earth Day in their own way! http://grist.org/living/heres-how-you-celebrated-earth-day/

This is wonderful to see! Kids in parades celebrating Earth Day, planting trees, and so much more. What did you do for Earth Day? Tell us in a comment below or send us a message on our Facebook.

4 thoughts on “We can’t seem to get enough of Earth Day.

  1. I helped out in my community garden, helped students at my school become aware of this website, helped out at a local “Green Team” club, and lots more! I <3 Earth Day! Hopefully more students from my school will be signing up soon. Stay ocean-y!

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