We Love iPads But…

It’s 2013. Sure, we don’t have flying cars or floating buildings, and we haven’t cured cancer yet. However, what we do have are phenomenal gadgets with flawless touchscreens that are just oh-so-convenient to use. Yes, I’m talking about “smartphones” and “tablets”.

Wow, that felt weird to type out…and that’s just because they are so much more than that. These devices enable us to navigate roads, find out information, read novels, play games, share media, network, email, and look at memes of Grumpy Cat and Philosoraptor.

Unfortunately, with new inventions can come harsh gases that are bad news for air quality. To see what we’re talking about, check out the infographic below, which shows that the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) that comes out of manufacturing an iPad (yes, our beloved iPads) is equal to the amount that comes out of a 515-mile drive. Unbelievable. And get this: the process of making one new iPad emits 180 kg worth of CO2…and all 55 million of those iPads that were sold? The emission of CO2 from all those iPads equals the emissions that come from 1.2 million cars per year.

So, what can you do to help? Here are a few ways you can take action, even if you’re an electronics junkie like we are:

  • Stop throwing away batteries, old broken electronics, etc. Make a bin for e-waste in your home and get your family in on it!
  • Find local programs that encourage the recycling of e-waste and help you to do so.
  • Increase awareness of the dangers associated with e-waste and talk about it at your school.

But hey, Apple is making some progress! They’re currently building a 100-acre solar powered facility and they have implemented recycling in over 95% of the stores that sell Apple products all over the world. Good job Apple!

Do you recycle your devices? What are your thoughts on emissions from devices? What else can we do to help? Let us know!

5 thoughts on “We Love iPads But…

  1. Well, I’m sad now 🙁 I feel disgusted using my phone! I recycled my old phones like nokia and everything. Does Apple only do this or do other companies?

    • Unfortunately, since many tech companies are using the same materials, this impact is pretty common. BUT, there are several companies that have been recognized for greener practices, and you can look them up here: http://www.epeat.net/

      Rather than beating ourselves up over our beloved iPads, though, try thinking about ways you can go green in other areas that might help offset the environmental impact. What are your ideas?

  2. This is sad! Companies need to find a way to provide customers with what they want but still ensure that the environment is not harmed in the process.

    • We agree. It’s really hard, though, when a lot of people are willing to spend their money on products that aren’t friendly to the environment. If more of us bought green, I betcha the big companies would notice quick.

  3. I wish I had known about this when I spent 500 dollars on my iPad. Companies should try to be more aware of their impact on the environment. Stay ocean-y!

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