Wetlands in Danger

What do you get when you cross the concrete jungle with coastal wetlands? Some intense hurricane-proof cities, that’s what.

Coastal wetlands are more than just a pretty sight. They support hundreds of wildlife species and capture carbon that could otherwise get trapped in our atmosphere.

Wetlands are also basically a giant sponge during storms. The sand dunes and plants provide as a barrier to the inland when hurricanes hit, and can reduce flooding and overflowing.

via columbia.edu

So when the next super storm like Sandy comes along, will New York be able to protect itself? That’s where the mayor’s plan to protect 520 miles of coastland comes in, which includes moving forward with solar energy and working to keep pollution levels as low as possible.

What other ways can we prepare the coastlands to protect us during a storm? Share your thoughts in the comments!


Source: http://www1.nyc.gov/office-of-the-mayor/news/167-14/de-blasio-administration-releases-planyc-progress-report-highlighting-major-accomplishments-on


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