What do NASA and new cars have in common?

Hey guys, hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

My friend just got a new Honda Insight this week for her birthday, and the first thing that hit me when she picked me up in it was of course that classic new car smell. Well, we’re not the only ones to notice that distinctive scent–so did NASA!

Outgassing, the process that creates that oh-so-alluring smell, apparently isn’t healthy for humans or for sensitive satellite instruments either. Many researchers actually believe that exposure to these gases is so unhealthy that it is recommended that drivers keep new cars ventilated while driving.

Fortunately for those of us who consider the best part about buying a new car is its factory-fresh new car smell, a team of NASA engineers have created a low-cost, easy-to-apply solution, which is more effective than current techniques. In other words: car-smell paint.

The new paint overcomes previous limitations by providing a low-mass alternative. Since technicians can spray the paint directly onto car surfaces, no extra equipment is needed, and in addition, one can coat adhesive strips or tape and then place these pieces in strategic locations within an car or instrument.

So the next time you’re reveling in the scent of a brand new car, take a second to make sure to open windows and breathe in some fresher air!

OnAir says: That new-car smell is best when it’s shared with friends–so load up a carpool before you drive it! Carpooling being another one of those great air-friendly actions that can earn you AirCreds

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