Would you do it for an Island?

Here’s some motivation to start cleaning up litter: if you collect enough plastic bottles—about 150,000—you can create your own personal island, just like Richart Sowa!

Take a look as the former carpenter gives a tour of his own island. 

That’s what Sowa seven years doing. After collecting the bottles in bags, he fastened them together to recycled wooden pallets and they floated! He finished off the look with dirt, sand, foliage, and VOILA! His own 82-foot personal island.

via grist.org

Even better, Sowa’s kitchenette on the island is solar powered and he uses rainwater for his sink. He also uses his waste as fertilizer for the ginger, agave, and hibiscus flowers he grows.

Could you live self-sustainably like Sowa does? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.


Source: http://grist.org/list/one-use-for-150000-plastic-bottles-build-your-own-personal-island/

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